1 month


3 months


Payment methods

Bank transfer (UK ONLY)

Crypto – LTC, ETH, XRP

To purchase please contact us by email at [email protected]

How to purchase

Email us using this template

Full name:

Purchasing months: “number of months”

Payment method: “bank transfer (UK ONLY), LTC, ETH, XRP”

Specify if you want all channels or just UK channels

We will then send you payment details and once paid you will receive IPTV login details


Please only buy if you have a stable fibre internet connection and a device which has an IPTV application such as IPTV smarters, duplex play, or tivimate. If you are having issues with a certain channel switch to another channel then switch back to channel. IPTV subscription is limited to one device only and is binded to it. Meaning that you can only log onto that device and not any other device.

As we are reselling IPTV, we don’t own any of the servers so they could go down temporary or permanent. Just like all people reselling IPTV can’t guarantee they won’t stay up; they just trust their provider


How many devices can be connected to one subscription?
How do I use IPTV?
Do you provide trials?
Does your IPTV have EPG?

1 device per subscription. Once logged in, your subscription is linked to that device

To use IPTV you just need a device that has a IPTV app. For android you can use IPTV smarters or Tivimate. Before purchasing please make you know how to use IPTV as we don’t really have the time to help with setup.

Yes we are happy to give trials. Email us

Yes but only for around 60% of the channels